• I started in the cleaning industry back in 1991 with a company called London & Essex, Mark was the Operations Manager . I learnt very quickly under Mark, which has definitely contributed to my success to date. In 2005 I started up a cleaning company which I wanted to be different to any other, with quality being at the forefront, I took all of my experience and knowledge from working under Mark to my business and over the years have managed to grow the company to in excess of 2.1 Million pound per annum. There is no doubt without out Marks input and support we would not be in this strong position; he has directed us in terms of sales and image. What I have taken from Marks skills are , incentivise your staff, to  focus on your goals, stay ambitious , maintain good client relationships and stay ahead of the competition.
We are currently undergoing an email/telesales campaign – Mark has given us some fresh ideas, which I am sure will help move our company onto another level.
Yours Sincerely
Martin Glennon
Martin Glennon
Managing Director
Formula Facilities Services Limited
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  • I have known Mr Mark Pinnock for over 10 years.  During his time as a Managing Director we had the opportunity to work together on a number of small projects. During recent years I have moved into the operational side of running a business. At first I found it a struggle and called on Mark’s expertise to guide the company from its inception. He was able to offer me his skills as a coach and mentor to grow the company from small roots and low financial base.  He has helped me and my co-director to move into the health care field and to focus on a particular area of client attainment rather than jumping from one to another and therefore spreading a thin portfolio which would be unsustainable. We have improved on our B2B contact profile and are finding it easier to engage with prospective clients.
Our small business currently has a turnover of nearly 100K per year with future projections to grow in the next 12 months by the same amount with the time and effort we are putting into advertising and publicity. With Marks hands on guidance he has just helped us to revamp our website and postal distribution publicity, which we will start to role out early next week.
Regards Tommy TaylorT. Taylor Solutions Limited
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  • It has been a pleasure to privilege to have had the opportunity to work closely with someone who has a passion for helping people. Mark is exceptional motivator who inspires and enthuses his audience. His passion for coaching clearly demonstrated why he has successfully climbed all Seven Summits, the highest mountains of the seven continents – 1st time! He went to great lengths to understand our business and culture and by using his parallels for planning and striving for each summit he clearly described and enthusiastically coached our senior management to achieve their own success. I would highly recommend Mark Pinnock to any organisation looking to transform their management team towards reaching their goals.
Best Regards

Stuart Hall MA PGDipM MCIPPdip
Managing Director

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